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Roman Britain

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

In this History in Movies episode, we head to the most distant Roman province. It is a mysterious island of no consequence but to those who live there on one side of the channel, and, lurking on the other side of it, are those who want to turn it into a trophy.

As Rome expanded without end, Britain was just another notch in the emperors' belt. Still, one thing made it stand out over other rebellious provinces: the fact that millennia and a half later, that remote island has made itself into an empire even greater than Rome has ever been.

That empire had produced several movies about its Roman past, from the first Roman conquests in the year 47, back when it was a backwater populated by quarrelsome barbarians, and all the way to the expulsion of Rome 500 years later.

As Britain faces its own imperial history, it is doubly interesting to watch the movies it produces about the time it was itself colonized. In this episode, we'll go over the entire history of Roman Britain through movies, from conquest to leaving it all behind.

There's a lot to unpack: British history, Roman history, European history, as well as how the British view it all changed throughout the years, as they try to negotiate the lenses of colonized and colonizers.

Our Movies/Shows: I Claudius (1976), Barbarians Rising (2016), Centurion (2010), The Eagle (2011) and King Arthur (2004)

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