Gil Kidron


Our Pod Academy is an international podcast where we explore pop culture for media content of academic interest, such as politics, science, history, geography, psychology, and more. In each episode, we discuss at least three works centered on a common theme.


We usually pick movies or series, but sometimes books or even comics. They all reference a historical event or person, a scientific concept, a place on earth, or something else that triggers us. In our discussions, we are well prepared but not scripted: the idea is to have engaging banter, not a lecture. We post a new, more or less hour-long, episode every Monday.


The format for the podcast was first dreamed up by Gil Kidron and Rutger Vos. Collaborating across borders, cultures, and backgrounds, Gil is a writer living in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Rutger is a scientist from Leiden, The Netherlands.


But we don’t do this on our own. We’ve had many guests on our show, often our supporters, sharing their expertise and unique life experiences with us. Some of the recurrent ones are our good friends Noga Ariel-Galor, a psychotherapist, Theo Gangi, a novelist, and Mallory Aler, a linguist.


We are always on the lookout for new guests, and to collaborate with other podcasters, so get in touch to pitch your ideas!

Rutger Vos


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